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Life Science companies utilize debt financing solutions to accelerate or broaden the scope of their clinical development, invest in new R&D or commercial infrastructures, acquire external clinical assets, extend their cash runway past important value inflection points, or shore-up their balance sheets ahead of an IPO or negotiations with strategic partners. In this vertical, Hercules Capital focuses on the following sectors:

Drug Discovery, Drug Platform, Drug Delivery, Specialty Pharma, Life Sciences Tools, Medical Devices, and more.

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Manuel A. Henriquez Founder, Chairman and CEO
R. Bryan Jadot Senior Managing Director
Kristen Kosofsky Senior Managing Director
Janice Bourque Managing Director
Lake McGuire Managing Director
Nimesh Shah Managing Director
Himani Bhalla Principal
Charles Wehr Vice President
Michael Bowden Vice President

Hercules Capital is a strong long-term partner for TransMedics. The Hercules team took the time to work with the management team to understand the business opportunity and challenges that we faced. They have used that knowledge to strategically support the company throughout its key stages of development. They are more than a venture debt lender, they are a business partner that focuses on helping their portfolio companies succeed and grow. TransMedics and I are fortunate to be working with the Hercules team.

Waleed Hassanein, M.D. (President & CEO, TransMedics )


We create a custom financing solution for each of our partnerships.

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