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In an era where breakthrough innovations coexist with concerns over drug affordability, Peter Kolchinsky, founder and Managing Partner at healthcare and life sciences investment manager RA Capital, joins us to shed light on the factors and paths forward.

Hercules Capital’s Janice Bourque engages with Peter on his “No Patient Left Behind” initiative, a non-profit dedicated to making medicines affordable for everyone in America.

Topics Include:

  • Overview of the “No Patient Left Behind” movement and its objectives
  • Examining communication challenges within the drug industry
  • The pivotal role of insurance in enabling patient access and affordability
  • Strategies to maintain support for innovation amid pricing concerns
  • Potential solutions to bridge the gap between innovation and affordability


Peter Kolchinsky, PhD is a founder and Managing Partner at RA Capital Management and author of The Great American Drug Deal. Peter is an active investor in and board member of publicly- and privately-held companies developing drugs, medical devices, diagnostics, and research tools. He served on the Board of Global Science and Technology for the National Academy of Sciences, is the author of The Entrepreneur’s Guide to a Biotech Startup, and frequently writes and speaks on the future of biotechnology innovation. Peter founded and serves as a Director of No Patient Left Behind, a non-profit advocate for healthcare reforms that would make today’s medicines affordable to patients and promote the innovation that gives all of us hope for tomorrow. He holds a BA from Cornell University and a PhD in Virology from Harvard University.